The Fountain of You

Getting Stronger. Living Longer.

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Key strategies on fitness and weight management for a healthier, more vibrant and energetic life


  • How to live a more vibrant and energetic life
  • How much and what kind of exercise do you need
  • Includes sample workouts
  • Includes the D’Golf Diet Plan for weight loss and management
  • The five factors for improving your odds for living longer and healthier
  • The truth about vitamins and supplements
  • The facts about plant-based diets
  • The magic of mindfulness


How much does the book cost?

The retail price is $16.95 but you can order the paperback version securely with PayPal® for $15.75 (including standard shipping and handling). Click button below. Please email us at for optional overnight shipping information). The digital version is also available on for $4.99.


Fitness today is confusing for so many.

We are bombarded with just too much information on a daily basis to be able to filter the things we need to know to improve our chances of living longer and with more energy and vitality. How much exercise do we really need and what are the best ones? What should we eat? How do we manage our weight?

Master Fitness Trainer Rich Freedman answers these questions and more in a concise format that will help energize you to manage your health and wellness. Drawn from his years of experience, you’l not only learn the proper pathway to fitness, but also find his illustrated training regimen easy to follow for all fitness levels, beginner through advanced.


Fix your metabolism and manage your weight!

Chapter 6 of the Fountain of You discusses the D’Golf Diet program to improve your metabolism. This means improving the efficiency of how your body uses energy. Consult your health care provider to determine your ideal weight and to understand any underlying conditions which may need to be understood before making any dietary or exercise changes. The plan is geared not just for weight loss, but for permanent weight and metabolic management. There is some exercise involved. Make no mistake about it. Yes, you can lose weight without exercise, but it will only serve to make you weaker and frail later on in life. Why? When you lose weight you just don’t lose fat…you lose muscle fiber as well. If you do not replace this lost muscle through strength training, you will eventually become weaker and risk frailty. This isn’t a guess. This isn’t marketing hype. This isn’t a myth. This is scientific fact. We are all different and weight loss results using our plan may vary. Actual weight loss will depend on your own individual genetic makeup, how closely you follow the plan, how much exercise you engage in and other metabolic and hormonal factors. Individuals with certain medical conditions, such as thyroid dysfunction, will likely need medical supervision. To repeat, get a complete medical evaluation before changing your diet or exercise regimenA recent survey of 9,376 Consumer Report subscribers revealed “the best of the best” major diet plans had only a 19% success rate (defined as those who reached their weight loss goals). This doesn’t even include those who lost weight and may have regained it later. Prices for these well known diet plans range from $88 to $809. Do you want to invest this kind of money for a 19% chance of success? We don’t think so. However, it is true most of these plans, if followed, will get you to lose weight, but once you come off these plans…..then what?? You tend to put the weight right back on. As a Master Fitness Trainer I work with clients from ages 9 to 93. Both nutrition and exercise play a huge part in their long term health and wellness. Being sedentary is not recommended. If someone tells you it is unnecessary to exercise they are misinformed. While we can never guarantee the same results for every living soul, we are confident the vast majority will benefit in how they look, feel and perform in their daily lives.


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