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GOL-FIT.com features several special programs to both help lower your health care costs as well as provide retreat-style seminars for Board of Directors and Senior Management Teams.

Our Corporate Programs include:

  •  Half day and full day Health and Wellness Seminars for all employee levels designed to lower health care costs by creating awareness and motivation to improve health thru fitness and nutritional protocols.
  • 1-3 day Board of Director/Sr. Mgt. Team retreats which utilize golf instruction and fitness training to lower scores and improve physical conditioning. This combination will not only improve your golf game but has been shown to help people live longer, healthier and more vibrant lives. These programs are perfect for team building and strategic planning.

We have developed very inexpensive, creative, and highly effective options to lower your health care costs through specialized programs designed to meet the needs of every employee.  We know exactly how to help improve their strength and stamina, manage weight and metabolism, and bolster their immune systems to avoid many illnesses and diseases that keep them away from work. Our process not only results in higher productivity and higher morale, but it will add years to their lives!

Our health & wellness management seminars educate your employees so they know exactly what it takes to manage their diet, what exercise protocols are the most effective, and how to avoid disease and injury and are designed for every level and every type of employee.

In just one hour we can give you our free no obligation demo to introduce you to our programs.  Contact us for more information.