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Eldridge J. Broussard

in association with



The Ultimate in Customized Corporate Retreats

Eldridge J Broussard, noted trainer, coach and inspirational speaker on leadership, professional development and personal relationships, in conjunction with GOL-FIT.com, featuring PGA professional golf instruction, certified fitness training and health/wellness/life extension clinics, present a new customized way for your business to succeed.


Need to develop a strategic plan? Want a more effective and cohesive

team? We can organize and develop work/play/learn experiences that

accomplish your goals by customizing daily activities in a way that

energizes and motivates every team member. From half day to full week

retreats we can help you chart a course to success.


Well show you the skills it takes to perform and operate in your world.

How to harness your intrinsic abilities, practical tools to examine

relationships and how to evaluate the status quo on your pathway to

transformational change.


We use golf, fitness training and nutritional protocols to not

only build teamwork, but give every individual a chance to improve

on a personal level. By integrating these activities in your daily work schedule

we create a refreshing respite from the traditional routine of intense

concentration. Our approach stimulates, reduces fatigue, and motivates team

members to achieve their full potential.


Our experiences create a new dynamic in relationships, team building and

personal development to help you improve your leadership skills for a more

effective organization. We coach we encouragewe inspire!


We have several preferred world class resorts that feature every possible amenity. From luxury accommodations, championship golf or haute cuisine we can customize your experience to make your retreat one you wont soon forget. Or, if you prefer, we can select a venue of your choosing to fit your needs, your time constraints or your budget.


We can customize any or all of these activities to fit your needs from ala carte selections to all-inclusive packages:

Meeting facilitation & hosting services (airport pickup, concierge)

Relationship and transformational development training

Health, wellness & life extension training/weight management

Personal Fitness Training/injury management

PGA Professional golf instruction featuring on-course instruction, video-taping and our mindbender focus training

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness evaluations

Nutritional/culinary experiences/wine tasting/pairings

Customer Service improvement/marketing enhancement methods

Team building activities

All-inclusive hotel, golf, meals, gratuities and other activities (you pay one price and we take care of all the planning details)

Call or email us for more information or to make a no obligation appointment to find out how we can help you maximize your meeting or retreat.